was born in Rome on May 13, 1946. He is a journalist, writer, psychologist, criminologist and forensic psychiatrist. He was a consultant in the court of Rome for the psychiatric examinations and in psychiatric investigation cases related to crime or disappearance. He has worked as a counselor for couples and the mentally ill. He has long studied and consulted on the psychological impact of the expatriate experience. From 1982 to 1989 he was a lecturer in the Department of Neurological Science, the Italian University in Rome.

  • He is author of novels published in Playboy magazine.
  • He has contributed as columnist and psychosocial expert in articles on various subjects to several magazines, such as Penthouse, l’Espresso, Playboy.
  • He was author of a monthly column on Psychology for the Italian edition of Playboy magazine from 1999 to 2001.
  • He was more interested in a kind of investigative journalism, tapping into stories of the common man. Many of his interviews have been used in some of his books.
  • The Journalist Norberto Valentini, author of bestselling social and political surveys, including the acclaimed “Sex and the Confessional” was his master and collaborator.

Roberto Di Marco is author of the book “Il Gioco delle Coppie (The Games Couples Play)“ published in 1995, Pironti edition, such a widespread Italian swingers phenomenon, as occult and almost ignored in that time. Note: The swingers, met with hidden recorders, but remained anonymous, appeared to be normal couples, united by a strong emotional bond and attachment to the family, resorting to the swinging to save their marriage. The other result was the greater enjoyment of the woman during the swinging, that improved the marital relationship.

Mixer, the major TV company in Italy interviewed Di Marco but the TV program titled: “Sex made home” was blocked by the leadership RAI. Only three years later, in 28 May 1998, the main weekly Italian magazine l’Espresso published an interview with Di Marco inside an article titled “The sex extremists” in which some porno stars were questioned. This, according to Di Marco, was distorting the truth, depicting the swingers as exalted nonconformists. Since then, he refused to be interviewed on the subject of the Swinging.

In 2000 Castelvecchi Italian edition published his interview in the book “Lo scambio” (The Swinging), an investigation on the world of the swingers through the opinion of major experts and intellectuals.
In 2007 Fbe edition published Di Marco’ “ Cosa ti porti dietro se sai di non tornare più?” “What Do You Pack If You Are Never Coming Back?” is the title of the English translation published from Orchid Press editing house. It is a compilation of 15 true stories of expats who left their past behind to start a new life in a foreign country. The book, translated in several languages, was appreciated as an important multicultural contribution by the European Community, which granted funding for the German publisher Zambon, who published the book under the title “Was nimmt man mit, wenn man nicht wiederkommt?”

Scientific Writings
He has written for a number of scientific magazines.
He served as an editor for the gynecology magazine Agico
He wrote an assay on the non-verbal language of the schizophrenic, published in two issues of “The Journal of Psychoanalysis”

Author of theatre play Occhi Indiscreti (Prying eyes), director Alfio Petrini.

Artistic activity
Abstract painter, one of his paintings was chosen in 1970 for the annual exhibition of the hundred painters of Via Margutta, in Rome.


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